Custom Cabinet Finishes

One of the most difficult and most personal choices in your design is deciding what type of finish your cabinetry will be. Traditional hand wiped stain? Gorgeous paint? Choosing just the "right" color can lead to some very interesting discussions when planning your kitchen!

Let's see if we can make this process a little easier...What do we offer, and what options are available within those choices?


The beauty of wood grain becomes a stunning element, creating a feeling (so much more than just a look!) that can't help but put a smile on your face every time you walk into your kitchen. We offer a full range of high solids furniture stains, from light and subtle to rich and dramatic.

Staining your custom cabinetry The process starts with stain being carefully hand applied, and hand wiped. Pieces are then set aside; this important pause allows the stain to achieve the necessary depth and readies the pieces for the next step: our sealer coat.

Using a catalyzed varnish we hand spray our sealer coat, laying down the proper thickness to provide the foundation of a beautiful and durable clearcoat. Once sprayed, pieces are rolled into the oven, and baked at 130˚ for twenty minutes. This is not a process that can be duplicated on jobsite-made cabinetry, and is essential for a truly long-lasting and beautiful finish.

When all pieces have cooled, they are hand sanded with an ultrafine grit sandpaper, and then rubbed with a tack cloth to remove the smallest traces of dust. (In case the term "tack cloth" is unfamiliar to you, it is a lint-free cloth treated with turpentine and a small amount of varnish to produce a tacky surface that picks up and holds dust and lint.)

Next, it's back to the spray booth, where our skilled sprayers apply the topcoat, using another catalyzed conversion varnish. All freshly topcoated pieces head back to the oven, for another twenty minute baking at 130˚. This final baking is equally critical, as it promotes the cross-linking between the sealer and topcoat, yielding our famous gorgeous finish. This carefully controlled finishing process cannot be duplicated by any local cabinetmaker.


Acromapro Paint
Our Acromapro paint is comprised of one coat of water based stain blocking primer and two coats of water based pigmented acrylic urethane paint. As with all our finishes, we apply this paint in our controlled finishing area that’s designed to maximize quality and consistency. We are proud to say this finish is both low in VOC and formaldehyde free.

Acromapro Paint samplesWe offer a complete and diverse “Crown Point Collection” of 75 standard colors based on the Sherwin Williams color palette with a premium option to custom mix colors from the entire Sherwin Williams palette as well as the color offerings of other paint manufacturers. This finish is offered in both sprayed and brushed applications. This paint system passes the KCMA standard for cabinet finishes:

Performance Testing and Certification Program (Four Finish Tests)


Other finish options:

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