Face Frame Construction


Knowing the kind of style you like, Crown Point can create a kitchen based on your desires. Furthermore, there can be variations within your particular choice of style–our designers work very hard achieving your design goal based on your wishlist and budget. So how do “style” and “variations” get communicated between ideas you have, and the creation we do?


The style terms of “Arts and Crafts”, “Shaker”, “Early American”, Victorian, etc., are descriptions–specific intent, but descriptions nonetheless. Immediately visions come to mind, such as the rugged handsomeness of Quarter-Sawn Oak frequently used in Arts & Crafts, or the simple, plain, and beautiful lines of a Shaker cherry kitchen. Perhaps a Victorian kitchen has been your dream, or an Early American design, complete with a Milk Paint finish.

Wonderful ideas and concepts. So far, so good. Here’s an important point to consider: The face frame construction method will have the greatest influence in affecting the style and “feel” of the cabinetry. For example, picture a door in a Square Inset face frame construction, and then again that same door in Transitional Frameless. You’ve successfully gone from (perhaps) a Shaker style to modern European using the same door style!

To those of you less than familiar with getting the details right: Not to worry. Our designers can help guide you in the choices that are right for you in face frame construction, door style, hardware, and finishes!