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YALI Fellows Tour Crown Point Cabinetry


Crown Point President Brian Stowell welcomes 25 YALI Fellows to our cabinet shop.

Crown Point recently hosted a group of Fellows through the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) and Dartmouth College.  The group of 25 entrepreneurs from all over the African continent toured the cabinet shop to learn more about our business practices as a family-owned company in its 38th year.

Many of the Fellows come from a start up/small company background and were interested in learning about how the Stowell family grew the business from a one-room garage to a 100,000 square foot facility.


The Fellows from Dartmouth College listen as Brian outlines how we do business at Crown Point Cabinetry.

Upon their arrival, company president Brian Stowell welcomed the Fellows to our cabinet shop.  Brian began with a short talk touching on our business philosophy, how we find and retain good employees, and general advice about entrepreneurship.

The Fellows were then broken into three interest groups; Marketing/Design, Processes, and Information Technology.  From there, the individual groups were lead through the shop to learn more about the company and how it operates in these specific areas of interest.



Brian shares our tried and true methods for promoting Crown Point Cabinetry with the Marketing/Design group of Dartmouth Fellows.

Brian Stowell lead the group of Fellows with an interest in Marketing and Design.  With stops to meet the Creative Director and PR Director, he outlined our strategies for getting our message out to prospective clients both through print and online venues.


Crown Point Production Manager Don Paquette leads the Fellows who are interested in Processes.

Production Manager, Don Paquette, lead the Processes group, speaking about how our cabinetry moves through the shop and the teamwork involved in every step.


Craig Stowell, Crown Point’s IT Director, leads the group of Fellows with an interest in IT.

Crown Point’s Information Technology Director, Craig Stowell, lead the group interested in IT.  Craig took them around the shop, speaking about leveraging technology and general automation to create a work environment that allows employees to focus on safety and quality.

After the individualized tours, the group gathered again for a question and answer period with Brian, Don and Craig.

The tour was highly beneficial for the Fellows and Crown Pointers alike.  We were honored to have been a part of the visit and wish the Fellows the best of luck in all of their endeavors!

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