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Reclaimed Barn Beams Become Handsome Island Legs

September 4th, 2014

104-01 This charming Crown Point kitchen is just one room resulting from over 5 years of careful renovations to an old farmhouse in Southern New Hampshire.  It was very important to the homeowners that they take their time with the renovation, preserving as much of the history of the old home as possible.  We worked directly with the homeowner to realize this dream, providing custom inset painted cabinetry, and incorporating reclaimed wood from a barn on the property for the island legs. DSC_2350 “When we realized that the island design would need support posts for the counter overhang,” the homeowner said,  “we thought it would look nice to use some of the old beams from the carriage barn that was attached to the kitchen.” They brought their idea to their Crown Point designer, Peter Ippedico, and they worked together to make it happen.  The beams were brought into the Crown Point cabinet shop where they were stained to match the other exposed beams in the space. DSC_2410   104-07 “It’s a nice mix of old and new,” said the homeowner. “I like to call the style ‘snappy rustic.'” The island legs are perfectly at home in their new setting as the legs for the family’s kitchen island.  They are a special touch in a room where the family spends a lot of time.

Want to see more photos of this farmhouse style kitchen?  Visit our Gallery, album 104!

YALI Fellows Tour Crown Point Cabinetry

July 29th, 2014

Crown Point President Brian Stowell welcomes 25 YALI Fellows to our cabinet shop.

Crown Point recently hosted a group of Fellows through the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) and Dartmouth College.  The group of 25 entrepreneurs from all over the African continent toured the cabinet shop to learn more about our business practices as a family-owned company in its 38th year.

Many of the Fellows come from a start up/small company background and were interested in learning about how the Stowell family grew the business from a one-room garage to a 100,000 square foot facility.


The Fellows from Dartmouth College listen as Brian outlines how we do business at Crown Point Cabinetry.

Upon their arrival, company president Brian Stowell welcomed the Fellows to our cabinet shop.  Brian began with a short talk touching on our business philosophy, how we find and retain good employees, and general advice about entrepreneurship.

The Fellows were then broken into three interest groups; Marketing/Design, Processes, and Information Technology.  From there, the individual groups were lead through the shop to learn more about the company and how it operates in these specific areas of interest.



Brian shares our tried and true methods for promoting Crown Point Cabinetry with the Marketing/Design group of Dartmouth Fellows.

Brian Stowell lead the group of Fellows with an interest in Marketing and Design.  With stops to meet the Creative Director and PR Director, he outlined our strategies for getting our message out to prospective clients both through print and online venues.


Crown Point Production Manager Don Paquette leads the Fellows who are interested in Processes.

Production Manager, Don Paquette, lead the Processes group, speaking about how our cabinetry moves through the shop and the teamwork involved in every step.


Craig Stowell, Crown Point’s IT Director, leads the group of Fellows with an interest in IT.

Crown Point’s Information Technology Director, Craig Stowell, lead the group interested in IT.  Craig took them around the shop, speaking about leveraging technology and general automation to create a work environment that allows employees to focus on safety and quality.

After the individualized tours, the group gathered again for a question and answer period with Brian, Don and Craig.

The tour was highly beneficial for the Fellows and Crown Pointers alike.  We were honored to have been a part of the visit and wish the Fellows the best of luck in all of their endeavors!

Cape Cod Home Features “Divine Details” Handcrafted by Crown Point Cabinetry

July 25th, 2014

This custom Arts & Crafts Style Crown Point kitchen is currently featured in the Summer 2014 issue of Cape Cod Home Magazine!

The Summer 2014 issue of Cape Cod Home Magazine showcases a recently built new home on Martha’s Vineyard with Crown Point Cabinetry in most every room!  In an article titled “Divine Details,” the writer takes us on a tour of the home with special attention to the Arts & Crafts Style kitchen above.


The issue is on newsstands through September 30th!  Let us know if you get a chance to take a look!

Want more photos of this expansive project on the Vineyard?  Take a look at our online gallery, album number 99!

Demonstrating the Roll-Out Table

July 18th, 2014

We recently worked directly with a homeowner to develop a custom roll-out table as part of their custom Crown Point kitchen.  As an instructional aid, we put together a short video showing proper use and leveling adjustments. We hope you enjoy the demonstration!

Interested in having cabinetry created just for you? Contact one of our talented designers today!

Final Installment of Crown Point Cabinetry Interviews on Upper Valley Chronicle

June 16th, 2014

If you’ve seen our recent posts here and here, you know that a local TV Show called Upper Valley Chronicle has been featuring Crown Point Cabinetry in recent episodes.  Today, we’ll share the last installment of interviews with some of our colleagues, a happy client, our company president and another segment of Upper Valley Chef!

First, here is an interview with Bill Ostrom and Ed Herrmann of C.W. Ostrom Builders.  We’ve worked with them for more than two decades and we’re proud to have completed many beautiful projects together!

Next, a phone interview with homeowner Lisa Andrews who recently completed a home remodel featuring Crown Point Cabinetry in the kitchen, butler’s pantry and bar area.

The last interview is another segment with Crown Point President, Brian Stowell.

And finally, another episode of Upper Valley Chef with Justin Dain of PINE at the Hanover Inn.  These episodes are shot at the Culinary Learning Center in Lebanon, NH, with custom cabinetry handcrafted by Crown Point.  In this segment, Justin will be cooking up sweet pea tortellini!

Compliments to the Cabinetmaker: Beacon Hill Renovation

June 11th, 2014


Un-lacquered brass 1

A beautiful custom Crown Point kitchen in Beacon Hill features traditional inset cabinetry with unlacquered brass hardware and hinges.  (Photo by Briggs Johnson Photography)

We recently received a nice note from a very happy client in Boston. He and his wife are thrilled with their Crown Point kitchen and shared these beautiful photos with us!

“Just had the house photographed and thought you might like to see these pics of your kitchen!  It looks phenomenal and is the best room in the house.  We get tons of compliments on it and it functions great.  We are huge fans of Crown Point Cabinetry!

Living in historic Beacon Hill, the homeowners wanted to maintain the old charm of their home when they remodeled.  They opted for traditional inset white painted cabinetry with unlacquered brass hardware and hinges-these will tarnish over time for an authentic patina appropriate for their period home.


Un-lacquered brass 2

A spacious island, a farmhouse sink and unique lighting contribute to the charm of this custom kitchen.  (Photo by Briggs Johnson Photography)


un-lacquered brass 3

The opposite wall of the kitchen features extra pantry storage, open wine storage and a beautiful working fireplace with a salvaged marble mantel. (Photo by Briggs Johnson Photography)

Team Training: Fun with Alphabet Soup!

May 15th, 2014

Crown Point Cabinetry is a team-based company.  We know the importance of working together, and we know that it takes every single member of our entire crew to be successful.

To strengthen our teams and to always expand on our skills, we hold regular team training.  These bi-weekly 30-minute sessions are very hands-on with group exercises designed to help our employees learn new strategies for working together.  They’re also often quite entertaining!

Just for fun, we wanted to share a movie trailer that we put together with footage from a recent team training exercise.  But first-some background info!

The Challenge: Alphabet Soup“On your first day of the job at a soup factory, your work group has been asked to perform a quality check on the alphabet soup line.  Your group needs to determine if each letter is present as quickly as possible.  For quality control reasons, you need to actually touch each letter in some way and only one quality technician from your group is allowed in the area at a time. “The rules:

  • You must take turns touching letters and only one of you may be in the bowl at a time
  • Only one letter must be touched per turn
  • You must touch the letters backwards in order from Z to A
  • Time starts when the first person crosses the starting line
  • Time stops when the last letter has been touched and all team members are back across the starting line
  • No talking once someone crosses the start line to enter the bowl
  • Letters must be turned back over if they are incorrect and the team member must return to the start line

The challenge required careful planning (teams found hand drawn maps very helpful!), cooperation, and a sense of humor!

We hope you enjoy this short video!

Crown Point Designer and Cabinetmaker Interviews on Upper Valley Chronicle!

May 13th, 2014

Today we are sharing three more video segments from Upper Valley Chronicle!  In case you missed it, this local television show has been featuring our family-owned company in a series of episodes over the last couple of weeks.  These segments aired on May 6th.

First, here’s the footage of the interview with Crown Point Designer, Bob Davis.  Bob has been with us for about 10 years.

And next, an interview with cabinetmaker Lee Lamott.  Lee has been at Crown Point for 30 years!

Finally, another segment of Upper Valley Chef with Justin Dain of PINE at the Hanover Inn.  Shot on location at the Culinary Learning Center at the Lebanon Co-op, this segment will show you how to prepare a delicious potato crusted halibut!

One more episode airs tonight on Comcast Channel 20 at 7:30pm and again at 10:30pm!

In tonight’s episode, you’ll see an interview with Bill Ostrom and Ed Herrmann of C.W. Ostrom Builders who have worked with Crown Point for many years, a phone interview with homeowner Lisa Andrews who has just completed her Crown Point kitchen, another segment of Upper Valley Chef with Justin Dain of PINE at the Hanover Inn, and finally a closing interview with company president Brian Stowell.  Again, we’ll have the YouTube videos here on the blog shortly after the premier!

Crown Point Cabinetry Interviews Featured on Upper Valley Chronicle!

May 6th, 2014

*Update 5/14/14: See video footage from the Upper Valley Chronicle episode featuring Crown Point Cabinetry on May 6th!

Last week we let you know that we would be featured on a local television show called Upper Valley Chronicle.  Today, we have the YouTube links for the spots that aired last Tuesday night! (April 29th)

First, we have the interview with our company president Brian Stowell.  And second, the cooking segment with Chef Justin Dain of PINE at the Hanover Inn, shot in the Crown Point kitchen at the Culinary Learning Center at the Co-op Food Store in Lebanon, NH.

Another episode airs tonight on our local Comcast Channel 20 at 7:30pm and 10:30pm with interviews with Crown Point Designer Bob Davis and Crown Point cabinetmaker Lee Lamott.  And, you’ll also see another cooking segment with Chef Justin Dain of PINE at the Hanover Inn shot in the Crown Point test kitchen at the Culinary Learning Center.  (Don’t worry, if you do not have cable, the episodes are available after their premier date online at!  And, as we did today, we’ll share the YouTube links just as soon as they’re live.)

Thanks for watching!

Watch for Crown Point Cabinetry on Upper Valley Chronicle!

April 24th, 2014

Brian shares a smile with the filming crew during his recent interview with Upper Valley Chronicle.

*Update 5/14/14: See video footage from the Upper Valley Chronicle episodes featuring Crown Point Cabinetry on April 29th and May 6th!

Earlier this week, a camera crew from Upper Valley Chronicle-a local television show that features area businesses and organizations-visited our cabinet shop to film interviews for a series of three upcoming episodes!  We were thrilled to welcome them, and excited to provide some behind-the-scenes insight into what we do here at Crown Point.

For a well-rounded view of how we operate, they interviewed our company president (Brian Stowell), a Crown Point Designer (Bob Davis), a Crown Point cabinetmaker (Lee Lamott) and two gentlemen from C.W. Ostrom Builders (Bill Ostrom and Ed Herrmann) who have worked directly with us for decades.  There will also be additional guests whose interviews were recorded before or after we shot at the shop.

The episodes will air next week on our local Comcast Channel 20! (If you are not local to us or do not have Comcast, you can see the episodes on demand online at after the premier date.)

Here is the schedule:

Premiering on Tuesday, April 29th 7:30 pm and 10:30 pm

Interviews with:

Brian Stowell, President Crown Point Cabinetry

Jay Tucker, Old Hampshire Designs

Chef Justin Dain at the Crown Point kitchen at the Lebanon Co-op Food Store

Premiering on Tuesday, May 6th 7:30 pm and 10:30 pm

Interviews with:

Bob Davis, Crown Point Designer

Lee Lamott, Crown Point Cabinetmaker

Chef Justin Dain at the Crown Point kitchen at the Lebanon Co-op Food Store

Premiering on Tuesday, May 13th 7:30pm and 10:30pm

Interviews with Bill Ostrom and Ed Herrmann, C.W. Ostrom Builders

Lisa Andrews, new home owner and Crown Point Cabinetry end-user

Chef Justin Dain at the Crown Point Kitchen at the Lebanon Co-op Food Store

Brian Stowell, President Crown Point Cabinetry

These episodes will also be uploaded to YouTube and we’ll be sure to share them on the blog once they’ve aired!  We hope you’ll be able to catch an episode or two (or three!) and we’d love to hear what you think!