Like No Other

Our patented Squared Channel face frame is like no other. This element of detail raises cabinetry to a fine art. 

Meticulous craftsmanship is required, creating the face frame out of solid wood 

We also offer a variation that is our Straight Channel face frame.  (U.S. Design Patent #D631,267 S)

Choose to have Squared or Straight Channel on just one cabinet, or all your cabinetry. Or mix and match to suit your design vision. You can even opt for filled squares, with or without chrome furniture studs.

Paint or Stain

Our Squared Channel and Straight Channel aren't limited to painted finishes. You can have them created in any of our lumber choices, including our Reclaimed Lumber collection! (U.S. Design Patent #US D609,507 S)

Open or Filled Squares

Further customization is possible by choosing to have some or all of the squares filled. And, you can accent it with chrome furniture studs if desired! (U.S. Design Patent #US D609,507 S)

Straight Channel

Even the simplicity of a Straight Channel face frame treatment makes a bold design statement. Contact us today and we can create your vision in cabinetry! (U.S. Design Patent #US D631,267 S)