A Beautiful Combination

Painted cabinetry has such wonderful appeal. Painted cabinetry in complementing colors brings the look to amazing. Blend in cabinetry with the rustic texture of Hearty Hewn Reclaimed Oak: Simply stunning!

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We offer seven different species of reclaimed lumber, from the Hearty Hewn Reclaimed Oak to Reclaimed Chestnut, Reclaimed Ash, Reclaimed Elm, Reclaimed Hickory, Reclaimed Oak and Reclaimed Eastern White Pine.

Our lumber of the various reclaimed species comes from structures having been catalogued for demolition. Expert eyes scour the buildings, and those structures deemed acceptable are carefully taken apart and brought to the lumber mill. The wood is cut into wide planks, which are then kiln-dried, sized, and carefully graded.

The real beauty of this lumber is in the character, with knots and checks, nail holes and mineral stains.

Have a design idea for your new kitchen, bath, living or other room? Contact us today, and we can make it a reality.  

Natural and Stain

This tall cabinet features an ebony stain on the door frames, the face frame, and moulding, topped with a tung oil. The door panels have a natural tung oil finish.

Kitchen Island

Perhaps you're thinking of a kitchen island in your new project. Make it a beautiful and functional accent piece in Reclaimed lumber!

Let's Organize!

Any of our organizational components work just as beautifully in our custom cabinetry in Reclaimed lumber.

If inspiration has struck (we understand!) contact us today to speak with one of our in-house Designers. We are the only custom cabinetmaker that sells direct to homeowners, custom builders, remodelers, architects and designers…nationwide!