Quick and to the point, these will give you a brief overview of who we are and what we do...

In a nutshell, what does Crown Point Cabinetry offer?

We handcraft some of the finest quality, all-wood custom cabinetry in period styling, for the kitchen, bath, or other room, available directly from us.

Is it true Crown Point doesn't have dealers?

That's correct, we do not have dealers, nor have a dealer network! We sell direct from our cabinetmaking facility here in New Hampshire to the entire United States (and beyond!).

How does one go about purchasing your cabinetry?

Couple of ways:

1. We can work directly with you and your building professional! That's right, you can buy direct! We will design, build, and deliver directly to you.

2. E-mail us a check (Just kidding!)

What wood species can my kitchen be crafted in?

We offer Cherry, Wild Cherry, Clear Pine, Knotty Pine, Maple, Plain Sawn Red Oak, Quartersawn Red Oak, Quartersawn White Oak, Sapele, Walnut and Clear Walnut. Our Vintage Collection of lumber is available in Reclaimed Ash, Reclaimed Chestnut, Reclaimed Eastern White Pine, Reclaimed Elm, Reclaimed Hickory, Reclaimed Oak, Old Growth Eastern White Pine, and Old Growth Heart Pine. Examples are on this page here.

How do I achieve a look that is "mine?"

Use the period styles such as Arts & Crafts, Shaker, Victorian, Early American, and Traditional as a starting point. There's more to it, but in the spirit of keeping things short and sweet, find more information right here.

What is the average lead time?
Normally, our lead (or delivery) time runs an average of 12-14 weeks. During our busy periods (Spring and Autumn), that can increase to an average of sixteen weeks. For our current lead time, please contact us for the most up-to-date info.

What is the average price of cabinetry in a Crown Point kitchen?

Crown Point builds no average kitchens in cost or quality. But, to help provide a budgetary guideline, our cabinetry for most kitchens can be acquired in the $30,000 to $40,000 range. Yet, it is not uncommon for clients to invest 50-, 75-, or even 100 thousand dollars. (For example, very large homes, or projects that involve other rooms such as pantries, libraries, baths, entertainment rooms, etc.)

That's great! But what are the steps necessary before an order is placed?

Here's a brief overview: One of our talented inhouse Design and Sales staff works with you, designing your kitchen, bathroom, office; wherever you desire cabinetry in your home. A deposit is placed, and the delivery slot assigned. After custom building your cabinetry, delivery is made, and at the same time, we collect the balance due.

Is anything in stock, are there any "seconds"?

Being a custom cabinetmaker means that no cabinetry is built until an order is placed, therefore, there are no seconds. Or thirds. Don't even ask about fourths.

How is the cabinetry delivered?

Your cabinetry is blanket-wrapped and shipped on a specialty furniture carrier.

Where is Crown Point located?

Our one and only facility is located in Claremont, NH. Please see our contact page for mail, phone, shipping, and e-mail information. Directions can be found here.

How about door styles and finishes?

Crown Point creates a variety of door styles and finishes, enabling you to live with the design elements and kitchen layout that fit your lifestyle.

What type of joinery does Crown Point employ?

Where appropriate, mortise and tenon, and dovetail.

What about warranty?

We believe so strongly in our craftsmanship that we warranty your cabinetry for ten years! Not one, or three or five--ten!

How do I care for my cabinetry?

We have a whole page dedicated to that very question. It covers care and cleaning, minor repairs, and even moisture control.

Does Crown Point make a full overlay door?

Yes, we offer a full overlay door, quite popular with our Contemporary line!

Where can I see your cabinetry?

Because we only sell direct to you, there are no distributors nor showrooms. We are fortunate in that our clients across the country are very gracious, and usually quite happy to share their kitchen project with others. Of course, everyone is welcome to visit us--just give us a call!

What about countertops?

When that question gets asked, most people are referring to the countertop that goes into the kitchen proper. Generally speaking, those countertops are made from something other than wood (granite, stainless steel, solid surface, soapstone, etc.) and those products are not available through us.

Does Crown Point install the cabinetry?

No, we don't. The builder/remodeler/homeowner does the installation. Many of our rave reviews come from the people doing the installations: "The cabinetry fit perfectly!", "Your cabinets installed like a dream", "My contractor was very pleased that your cabinetry fit so well!".

Exactly what type of finish does Crown Point use?

We offer a large variety of rich stains and Acromapro Paint.

For complete details, please see our Finishes page.

Are your base and wall cabinet interior shelves adjustable?

Very much so! Precisely drilled peg holes are placed every 1 1/4" for beefy metal shelf pegs. To adjust, simply lift out the shelf, and place the pegs in the holes you desire, and replace the shelf in its new location!

OK, I've read all the FAQ's, but I still have a question...

Ask us!

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